• Hotel Radda in Chianti

    Surrounded by a lovely countryside full of wine and olive yard, Radda in Chianti is one of the most charming villages that can be visited and admired in the hills of Chianti. Sited in a hill that defines the valleys of Pesa river and Arbia river, Radda has ever had a fundamental and important role in the zone of Chianti Classico. Even if it is in the province of Siena, far only 28 km, Radda during past times was influenced a lot by Florence. At the end of the 13th century, Radda in Chianti was in the middle of the war between Florence and Siena and the village went under the government of Florence. In 1384 it became the main town of "Lega del Chianti Classico" that also included Castellina and Gaiole in Chianti. Just during the domination of Florence, the village got a relevant economical importance and in the 15th century the Medici family contributed to make the village more beautiful by building new palaces and restoring the ancient ones. One of the most beautiful palace in Radda in Chianti is Palazzo Leopoldo, one of the hotels of Ross Hotels group, an ideal hotel to spend a holiday in Chianti.

    The name of village is composed by two words: "Radda" comes from a Germanic name "Radi" or "Rada", "Chianti", added in 1911, comes from the Etruscan name "Clanti". Radda in Chianti, in fact, has Etruscan origins, even if the consolidation of village happened in medieval times. The ancient walls and the structure of Radda are of medieval times. In the centre we find the Palace of Podestà, built in 1400, with the front full of coats of arms, and the church San Niccolò. In front of this church there is Palazzo San Niccolò, the second hotel in Radda in Chianti of Ross hotels Group, another hotel in Chianti of an incomparable beauty.