• Hotel in province of Siena

    After the visit of the villages and the hills of Chianti, you do not have to miss the visit of Siena. All the hotels in province of Siena of the Ross Hotels group are far from city only few kilometres, getting there takes a few time. Siena is a town that has less than sixty thousands inhabitants, it is known for its architectural beauties an for the race famous all over the world: the Palio of Siena. Even if the town is on a human scale, in the last years the inhabitants have started to move to the villages of the province, as Siena is a tourist destination and daily many people arrive in order to visit the town even if they are not used to stay in the hotels of city but in the province, especially in Chianti.

    Siena has a relevant gastronomic and wine tradition: the Chianti Wine of "Colli Senesi" is one of the regions where the famous wine is produced. Regarding the kitchen, "pici senesi" pasta, "ribollita" soup, "arrosti di cacciagione" roast game, and the typical sweets "panforte" and "panpepato". Staying in a hotel in province of Siena of Ross hotels group, you have the possibility of booking guided excursions of the town with transfer. After those tours, you are satisfied to have chosen to visit Siena during your stay in a Chianti hotels.