• Hotel Gaiole in Chianti

    In the special group of Chianti Classico, Gaiole in Chianti is one of the most important villages of this wonderful zone in Tuscany. Gaiole is situated in a strategic position, it is infact along the valley of Massellone stream, its importance as ideal place of market is already documented in 1215. Its relevance grows in the following years, when with Castellina and Radda participates in creating the "Lega del Chianti", a political and economical structure under the jurisdiction of Florence. Located in province of Siena, far only 25 km, Gaiole in Chianti is now destination for Italian and foreign tourists, that during their holidays in Tuscany through Chianti can not avoid to stop in order to admire the several architectural, historical and country beauties that Gaiole offers to them. We can not forget the man attraction of Gaiole and the Chianti in general: wine! If you are lovers of wine and good cookery, the Ross Hotels group will be glad to satisfy all your desires by its hotel in Gaiole in Chianti. L'Ultimo Mulino, one of the four stars hotel in Chianti of Ross group, is situated in Vistarenni, in the middle of the countryside. By this hotel with restaurant and swimming pool, you can have a very special stay in Chianti.